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Hi. I have been using HitFilm Express to edit and create videos for my YouTube channel for over a year now. I have really liked the software and have had very little problems with it.

However for the last 3 or 4 months now I have had nothing but problems with it. Sometimes it won't even open. I have to restart my computer a couple times first. Or it will take a long time to open. Or it will crash or my PC will crash while it's opening.

A lot of the time just editing a video will crash the PC or the software. Sometimes it gets so lagged and choppy that editing is just a headache. The biggest problem is trying to export a video and rendering it. Putting aside the fact that it wants 3-4 hours to export a 30min video. Or 6-8 hours to render a 1 hour video. It crashes constantly. I get timed out errors, allocation errors, render crash errors.... Sometimes it just freezes and crashes... Currently I've been trying to export a 15min video for 2 days now. It just keeps crashing.... sometimes I need to run disk repair on my drives after it crashes.

I'm the first to admit that my computer is not so new and is not so great. I'm probably barely hitting the minimum requirements. Especially when it comes to video memory. It is the same PC that I've been using for the last year.... didn't have problems like this before. I stream and game on this PC. I record and edit music on this PC. I edit and export pictures on this PC. It doesn't have any problems with anything else. Just HitFilm for some reason. This problem is really killing the creative process and work flow. I kind of dread trying to edit and export videos these days. It is just such a headache now.

I do realize that video editing takes a lot of computing power. I also realize my computers is not so powerful.... but it's all I've got.

I render 1080P @60FPS videos. I've been using 16bit colour with very few effects other then text and some colour correction. I can't afford a better computer.

Are there settings I can optimize to help with these problems? Should I just move to a different editing software?

I like this software and would rather keep using it but the crashing is very frustrating. Funny enough these problems started after I purchased the Content Creator Pack...


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    @fxhomer277693 Any other recent changes to your system other than Creator Pack? Could even be something you aren't aware of such as Microsoft updates. M$ has a nasty habit of downgrading GPU drivers.

    Please, list your system specs (and as you suspect you may be under the minimum) but let's confirm.

    Make sure you have updated drivers especially the GPU - from the manufacturer (not M$). Check that your virus software is not getting in the way by temporarily disabling it and trying a render.

    Unfortunately, time marches on and so does software development. The newer versions of HF require more resources, so you might consider installing an older version and see if that performs better. Older versions you can still download are here --> https://fxhome.com/product/hitfilm-express/updates

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    Knowing your PC specs is the first thing we'll need to know.

    As Stargazer notes, specs required for Hitfilm change at times - and went up with HF16.

    Note the horsepower required for audio editing vs video editing, well, video requires exponentially more power. The typical 44.1/48k, 16-bit audio used in video is a standard that hasn't changed since the 1980's. Even 96k/24-bit audio is a 1980's standard. 1080/60p video is a 2010's thing.

    Photo editing also requires a lot less horsepower. It's editing a single image vs editing 60 images per second.

    To use a bad analogy, audio editing takes a bicycle, photo editing a moped or scooter, but you need a car to get up to speed on a highway.

    We'll want to confirm your system specs, but, about the only things you can do to "optimize Hitfilm," are making certain your source videos are optimized - no VFR, certain mp4 encoding settings (which might require transcoding before import), and, maybe some optimization of projects (usually splitting things into Comps and pre-rendering the Comps before export. Otherwise, there's system management - using Task Manager to close things you don't need and not multitasking (web browsers usually use waaaay too many resources for what they do).

    Long render times really aren't unusual at all. Very few systems render in real time or faster, and Hitfilm isn't the fastest NLE to render. On my machine - Ryzen 4700h, Nvidia 2060 mobile - it's not unusual for a 30 second shot to take 20 minutes to export... Although I'm talking about projects with 3D models and particle sims, but, even color correction and text adds up quickly.

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    Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the slow response. I was out filming....

    Yeah video editing takes a lot of horsepower compared to audio or photo. My PC is not really suited to the task. Like you said after HF16 the requirements went up. It's not so much the time it takes to edit and export the videos that bothers me really. I enjoy editing. It's more about waiting all those hours only to have HitFilms crash part way through or worse right near the end. Meaning I need to start the export all over and wait again. Pretty frustrating....

    I'm going to just keep working at it. I keep my PC running just bare minimum... nothing runs in the background while I'm working. Not much else I can do at this time.

    Anyway here are my specs.
    Windows 10
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor
    RAM: 8 GB
    GPU: Radeon RX 560 Graphics 4 GB VRAM

    It's just not a very powerful computer for video editing or much else really. So that's the main problem.
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    fxhomer has my situation exactly. The constant crashing has rendered my HF basically useless. I've tried the same fixes to no avail.

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    Same issue here. Latest drivers, latest HitFilm, powerful computer and GPU. Toggling the Viewer playback handle crashes it almost every time since two updates ago.

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    @Acal The OP was under spec for the current version. This is also an old thread. You should create a new post and list your system specs. Please read this thread on HF versions and hardware requirements:

    You can also put in a support ticket with FXHome staff - https://fxhome.com/ask

    Older versions of the software that may work with your system can be found here:



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