Why won't HitFilm Render Sped up Clips in 60fps?

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I sped up a 24fps Video 2,5x which would be over 60fps then... when I render that in HitFilm it only plays in 30fps even though it was Rendered in 60fps and edited... I sped up the same clip in another Video Editor (Videopad in that case) and it ran in 60fps... perfectly fine... I looked through it frame by frame in HitFilm and I saw that the Clip Rendered in HitFilm changed the picture every second frame and the one from Videopad every single frame... it was always like that and it's really annoying :( the only reason that I still use Videpad for that... if I render a 60fps in Videopad and then but that into HitFilm it runs at 60fps... it is only happening with sped up clips... Is this normal? Do I something wrong? Or can't HitFilm just do that? (Why😭) I'm using HitFilm Express 16 btw

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    Hitfilm's handling of Speed using the Speed EFFECT is... Not great.

    Right click the Media file you want to speed up in the Media Bin and select Properties. From there look for Frames per Second, uncheck "From File" and set to 60.