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I am a new user to Hitfilm Express and would like to trim a video. The video in question contains about 7 minutes in advertising at the start; the overall video is 30 minutes in length.

I am confused re: how to do this; I saw the option: Trim a video. I could position the vertical bar to the actual start (past the advertising) of the video but didn't know what to do next. I didn't see an option to save the "chopped" video.



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    You can use this video editor Link Removed as well. I've used different apps, but this one seems the easiest to me. It also provides all the necessary tools.

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    @Kliven That really doesn't answer the question and the link looks pretty suspect. Which puts you in bot territory. Please respond that you are are a real person.

    The link was removed as a precaution.

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    @murraysobol To add to what @tddavis showed in the video, you can also use shortcut keys for Cut (the razor blade) and the Selection tool (the arrow). Use 'C' on the keyboard for cut and 'V' on the keyboard to go back to select. That speeds up the editing process.

    Also, once you have selected the portion of the clip to remove you can simply select it, then right click on it and a pop up with Options appears. Pick "Ripple Delete Clip" and it will remove the unwanted part and slide everything else on the timeline to the left. The keyboard shortcut for that is 'Alt-Delete'.

    The other option is to use the Trimmer to pre-set your In/Out points before dragging your clip to the timeline. Select your clip in the Media Bin and it shows up in the Trimmer window. Set the In/Out points in the Trimmer by sliding the dot on the mini-timeline below the clip to the desired point and click the arrow on the Left for In and then slide down the clip to where you want the out point to be and select the arrow on the Right for the Out point (as highlighted below).