Creator pack activation?

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I, this morning just downloaded the creator pak from FXHome for $20 via special promotion through email and paid for it via PayPal and it said to uninstall Hitfilm and reinstall, but I don't recall anything else, unless I didn't scroll down enough to see how.

Looks like nothing was activated and I've never had to activate actively the program itself and the activated features has not been populated or do I have to go to the store to get them?

I just came from the store and not seeing a creator kit so what gives?

Thanks. BTW, not seeing any option for proxy when I right click on the file imported into Hitfilm as I need that to help with editing as both of my cameras use either AVCHD or HEVC (H.264/265) and as you know, not edit friendly so have to transcode to something else using Handbrake.


  • littlehausbigcity
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    OK, while I waited, I did a bit of Googling and the answer came up that I was to activate new features by shutting down hitfilm and then reopeing it, and the dark theme appeared so now that's done.

    Still don't have proxy file option, is that something that needs to be be purchased separately or what?

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    If, by proxy files you mean automatic creation of lower resolution files used during editing to speed up performance, Hitfilm 16/2021.1* does not have a proxy system.

    There was an older system erroneously labelled "Proxys," which has been correctly re-named "Prerenders." Prerenders are full-res, lossless files using a custom codec that also are used in rendering. Prerenders are more designed/suitable for prerendering complex composite shots embedded/precomped/nested into other timelines.

    *Note I said Hitfilm 16/2021.1 doesn't have proxies. Expect this to change soon enough.

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    Thank you! Ultimately I did figure it out that pre-render is what I was after, but also good to know it's not what I needed either, but that Hitfilm will eventually have I guess true proxies soon enough anyway. So I'll just work with either another transcoding software to do proxies or just suck it up for now and edit in H.264.

    Despite this, I think Hitfilm is better with this codec than Adobe CS4 ever was with it anyway.