HitFilm makes Quality bad... Is this changeable?

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I do AMVs and they have alot of stuff going on also cause they are 1080p and 60fps... No matter what I try the Video always looks horrible in alot of Parts and it is really annoying... I do render out my Video 2 times... One Time in Videopad and then in HitFilm to add Watermark and Filters... When I render out in Videopad I have 0 such pixelated scenes but when I render it again in HitFilm its horrible... I tried different Settings but nothing made it better... I don't understand why Videopad can Render almost lossless with same files size as HitFilm and HitFilm looks soooo much worse... Is this just how HitFilm works or do I something wrong? I know that .Avi is lossless but... That's toooo Large :(


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    I have never used Videopad, and don't know how it works, but I never get pixelated results after export in Hitfilm. I sometimes increase the bitrate of the preset to get higher bandwith and better quality retention, you could also increase the bitrate (it increase size but not "toooo" much, just a little bit).

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    You don't state what your settings are.

    Are you inputting a 16bit from videopad and then rendering 8bit out of hitfilm?

    8 bit then 8bit again?

    Lots of variables.

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    "I do render out my Video 2 times... One Time in Videopad and then in HitFilm to add Watermark and Filters..."

    After reading this deeply, I came to know that you render the same video "twice", not the separately in both programs. In simple words, you are rendering the video that is already rendered in Videopad, and using the Videopad rendered footage in Hitfilm for some more effects and then again rendering.

    Then it will surely lose quality, because the render of Videopad loses some quality and as rubbing salt in the wound, you again render in Hitfilm, and this loses even more quality, thus creating the pixelated thing.

    The same will even happen in Videopad, it's not a Hitfilm problem.

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    Thats the thing... It does NOT happen in Videopad... sure it loses a bit quality but it's really little and not that noticeable so not as much as HitFilm... If I would do the same Video with the Same Clips and Render it the first time in Videopad and HitFilm the first render of HitFilm would look much worse then the first render in Videpad... I don't have any blurry and pixalated scenes in Videpad.. even if I would do it Vice Versa... Only HitFilm makes the quality much worse... Even if it was the first program to render :/
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    The export setting of both of them could be different in this case. And they both use different rendering softwares, hitfilm uses its own, and Videopad uses its own, For eg. :- a open source program named as shotcut uses a rendering software named as "melt" to render.

    Have you just tried to change the bitrate by creating a custom export preset?

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    Yeah I think that might be... I mean that they render different... kinda Sad that HitFilm cant render that well :/ I did made costum presets and tried different bitrates... I also tried both bitrate options... No matter how high I make the Bitrate its bad... No matter if set to consant or variable... it only changes where it gets pixalted... I tried stuff between 20k and 30k
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    There's a lot to unpack here.

    We'll start with video compression. Chances are you're recording to Mp4. Now, h.264, the "Mp4" codec (a "codec," stands for "COmpressor, DECompressor," and a codec is the actual method of encoding video in a file) is lossy. Quite simply this means the mp4 video is throwing away information ("damaging the image"), every time it's saved. If you edit and resave an mp4 with the same settings it's going to get worse.

    Mp4 is in a long line of codecs including JPEG and MPEG-2 (DVD). Mp4 is MPEG-4 (Blu-ray). Note that MPEG files are "delivery" codecs, not actually intended for editing. Unfortunately most cameras and recorders use MPEG codecs for cost reasons.

    Since you're doing Anime Music Videos chances are your original images are coming off the Internet? Perhaps Youtube videos? Your starting images, if they are JPEG or Youtube downloads (Mpeg), then your starting videos and images are already compressed and damaged.

    With mp4 - and, really, ANY codec there's a trade between file size and quality. The more you compress a file when writing it to a file, the more you're damaging the image. And the bottom line here is you cannot reduce a video file to 1% (or a 100:1 compression ratio) or less of its original size without causing damage to the image. You certainly can't do it twice... Here come some numbers....

    Uncompressed 1920x1080 60p video has a uncompressed data rate of 2848 megabits per second. If you're saving out at about 30mbps that's still a compression ratio of 95:1. If rendering at 20mbps the compression ration is 143:1. Your renders should be at 60mbps or higher (60mbps is about a 50:1 ratio), from either program. Yes, I realize the encoding recommendations from Youtube say 12mbps for 1080p, 60fps. That's way too low. Yes, I realized that moving from 20mbps to 60mbps makes your files three times as large. You are trading file size for file quality with mp4, period.

    There are codecs called "intermediate Codecs," including ProRes, DNxHD and Cineform. Ideally you should be exporting from Videopad and Hitfilm in one of these. intermediate codecs are specifically designed for transferring in-progress work between editors. The file sizes of intermediate codecs will be much larger than mp4, but, once again, you are trading file size for quality. Youtube can cheerfully upload a ProRes, Cineform or DNxHD file. You'll get a lot better final quality from YouTube if you do.

    Codecs are not quite "generic," which is to say there's not just a single mp4 (technically "h.264" or "AVC") encoder. Different implementations include the Intel 264 codec, the Nvidia 264 codec (used for their respective hardware encoding/decoding), as well as the x264 codec, the MainConcept h.264 codec, and a few others that don't immediately come to mind. Hitfilm uses the MainConcept codecs. I'm not certain what Videopad uses. Videopad might have different encoding settings that optimize it's mp4 output more than Hitfilm. There are some other settings in Hitfilm's export to play with (Changing "Profile" from "Baseline" to "High," or raising "Level" to something in the "5" range), but Hitfilm's export settings don't allow all the fine tuning that some other software does (like, say, "Handbrake"). So, yeah, Videopad might be exporting "cleaner" mp4 than Hitfilm, but, transferring mp4 to mp4 is still going to damage your footage more. Intermediate codecs are still the proper method for transferring files, and should even be used as your final Hitfilm output. Even then you can use something like Handbrake to do your final encode to mp4.

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    YouTube compresses your video, MKBHD has a example of this:-

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    Ah Thank you very much Triem! I'm not that into the technical kind of stuff when it's about Video Codes XD That it gets worse from time to time did I also see in Videopad but it was much less bad... I don't get my clips from Youtube anymore cause youtubes Decoding and Compressing makes the quality so horrible.. the other sources are also compressed but far less bad then Youtube... Well who could keep Terabytes of uncompressed Videos... I also used 20mbps - 30 mbps in both editors... I will try render in HitFilm with the other solutions being given... well at the end I will only Upload the HitFilm second Render to youtube and later delete it... I usually only keep the first render so filesize isnt the biggest problem... (WOuld be still good to be not thaat huge) I can't use any other Codec for Videpad unfortunally cause it's the free Version and I'm happy that mp4 render never got locked "caugh" Yeah the Videos do look bad anyway after uploading to youtube but I like to see the Videos in best possible quality on my PC XD Thank you both!
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    Awesome to find this info in a fresh thread, I recently was stubbing my toes on this issue myself and was literally just going to ask about it when I saw this.