How to get rid of automatic points (tangents) of 3D camera motion path

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Every time I toggle keyframe of the position of the 3D camera, it obtains automatically these two "antennas" (edit: they are called tangents) and they are heavilly ruining my desired result of my camera path. I want a very straight camera path so I have to manually remove (=shrink) them every single time. It's so annoying!

Is there a way to avoid these "white antennas" (tangents) every time I toggle point of my 3D camera path?

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Answer: Right mouse click => Spatial Interpolation => Linear

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    The "antennas" you refer to are called tangents, and they are a 100% essential component of the bezier curves defining your camera path. Tangents are essential to the equations used, so, no, you can't "get rid" of them. You can go to the "Options" drop down menu at the bottom right of the Viewer Window and uncheck "Show Motion Path," but this will hide the path in its entirety - nodes (keyframes), tangents and interpolation. All of it.

    The tangents are NOT "ruining" your camera path. As stated above they are an absolute requirement of the equations interpolating between your keyframes. To be very blunt, you just don't understand what the tangents are and how to use them.

    I won't get into the mathematics and actual equations here - you're welcome to read this linked article for that.

    In brief, the tangents help define how "sharp" a curve is and can also modify the amount of curvature on both sides of the keyframe individually. By default Bezier curves draw along a median value designed to produce a relatively short, but smooth curve. Dragging a handle in a direction adjusts the "swing" of half the curve (the direction it skews), while the length of the tangent defines its sharpness.

    It might help a bit if you defined the type of movement you're trying to create. If I had to guess you are trying for very straight line, very sharp corners. I guess this because you describe shortening the tangents. Dragging the tangents shorter creates a straighter, sharper curve. In such a case dragging the tangent handles in is required to create that type of angular shape.

    The "Value Graph' in the Timeline (used to manually adjust interpolation of keyframe values) is another example of bezier curves.

    Again, tangent handles are absolutely essential to the math used to generate the position curves. While this isn't the answer you were hoping for, this cannot be changed. The equations are the equations, and bezier curves are used in absolutely every animation program to control bezier curve directional vectors. You're going to have to live with adjusting them in any software.

    Actually, I semi-lie. If you right click your control points you might have the option to set the "Spacial Interpretation" to "Linear." This will "hide" the tangents, but, understand they are still there. Setting Spacial Interpretation to Linear just pulls the tangents as close to the node as possible. Mathematically, the tangents do still exist.

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    Yes, it is. Select camera's position keyframes, Right mouse click => Spatial Interpolation => Linear.