How to use different media files for different video versions

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Hi all,

I made an animation in English that included pictures in English. Now I also want to translate this English animation into a German one. For this purpose, I just copied the English animation and renamed it. Now my question is how can I change the imported English pictures such that in the German animation the german media files are loaded (I also indicated them with the suffix _German.png) while in the English animation nothing should change and it should load the English media files (which is the default version).

Any ideas how I can quickly do that. Of course a naive approach would be to just delete the English pictures in the German animation and insert the Germand ones. However, as I have used a lot of keyframe animations for the pictures, I would have to set those keyframe animations again for all my pictures which would take many, many hours. Can you think of a more efficient way of doing this?

I'd appreciate every comment.

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  • tddavis
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    @vanny_f I am not one hundred % this will work, but I think it will. Try relinking the first picture in the copied orohect with the German equivalent and see if it indeed switches it out. This should retain the keys. I'm thinking along the lines of using a downgraded video file for editing the swapping in the hi quality version with the cuts and such right before rendering. Hope this works for you.

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    @tddavis has given correct advice, I'm just going to rephrase things.

    Assuming - as you said - the English/German text is directly in the image data all you need to do is "Relink" the English media to the German media. And this is somewhat easy.

    Open the English Project and save under a new filename. "Project German" is fine. In the Media Bin, right click your English media, choose "Relink," then select the German version of the same image. This will swap out the media files and keep existing effects and animation. Save.

    If you have dozens/hundreds of images this will take awhile, but is faster than re-editing.

    There's another way to do this that might be a bit faster, but might "mess up" your file organization...

    Basically, if you close Hitfilm and move all your English media to a new folder then rename your German media to the same filenames as your English media and move the German media to the folder where the English media was the project will reload with everything swapped out. If you have any software capable of doing a "batch rename," this will be faster. The disadvantage here is your English and German versions become the "same project" and it's harder to swap between them.

    Let's talk about why Relink works then see if we can find a method in between.

    Here's the "why" both these methods work. Hitfilm, and other Non-linear editors, don't store media files (photo/video) inside the actual project file, but uses a "pointer."The pointer just says "use media '' from 'folder ABC.'" In the first described method (right click and Relink), we're pointing to a file with a different name and changing all the pointer tags. In the second method (renaming the original files) we're "tricking" Hitfilm because it's just looking for the filename and doesn't care that it's actually a different image. As long as it sees the filenames it's looking for it'll just load the data.

    I don't know how your media is set up, but here's the third variation of the same thing... For this version I am assuming the English and German media are in the same folder as each other. In this case we're going to make two new folders inside the current folder where the media is. One for English, one for Germqn.

    In the German folder rename the media to have the same name as the English.

    Load your original project. Because we've moved all the media Hitfilm wiki report that it's all missing. Fine. Double click the first media file in the list and select it in the new English folder. Because everything in this new folder has the original file names Hitfilm will Relink everything. Save this project under a new name.

    Reload the original project. Again, it will report missing files. This time select the German version/folder. Again, since everything is the same filename it all loads up. Save this version under a new filename.

    At this point you could delete the original project. You now have a corrected English and German version.

    I would probably recommend just doing the manual Relink. This maintains your original file names while the other methods mean your English and German media end up with identical names, which might be confusing, later.


  • vanny_f
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    Thanks a lot tddavid and Triem23 for your great answers,

    basically relinking works perfectly :-). I should have tried this before posting my question but I was somehow "afraid" that relinking in one project would also effect the file of the other project (due to my experience with some other programms). But apparently HitFilm express has a separate internal database for each project.

    I appreciate your help.

  • Triem23
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    Correct, each project has its own "database" of media pointers.