Jon Favreau talks deepfake and so do we

ScottyBros Posts: 36 Enthusiast

Just finished watching the Mandalorian season 2 gallery and the Luke Skywalker deepfake definitely took center stage. However, I believe they went with the de-aging technique even though the deepfake looked much better even in the rough edits. Your thoughts?

Also, please check out the Boba Fett deepfake we did for our movie Flight of the Renegade. I shaved my head and beard and we used isolated facial shots from an episode of the mandalorian as well as 2 interviews of Tem Morrison. I also did the voice. The process was pretty easy to do and it only took 6 hours of number crunching for all 3 angles.

You can see the complete movie here:

I for one see this as a HUGE tool for spicing up amateur projects with recognizable faces.