Just activated HitFilm 2 Ultimate, and then comes along 3...

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Just went to activate my HitFilm 2 Ultimate today, and no sooner I have that "3" is announced as being available for pre-order. D'oh.


  • MichaelJames
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    Well we've been posting for sometime now that HItfilm 3 is inbound. 

  • AxelWilkinson
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    EDIT: Incorrect information was originally provided in this post. The free upgrade applies to anybody purchasing between the announcement (October 27th) and release (November 24th). It does not apply to products purchased earlier, even if they are registered during that period.

    Here is the original post, retained for reference only: Also, as per our usual procedure, anyone who registers version 2 today, or hereafter, is eligible for a free upgrade when 3 is released.  :)

  • SimUK
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    That's great news Axel, thank you. Will that appear in my account when HF3 is released or will there be something sent about how to redeem that separately?

    Tooshka, yes very true learning some of the HF2 things now will no doubt prove useful for HF3. I also had the original HitFilm Ultimate at release so have a bit of experience of it, but lots to explore too. In fact just noticed VisionLab Studio box on the shelf above my PC - happy memories of using that, feels so long ago now though!

  • SimonKJones
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    I believe an email will be sent to all pre-order customers at release.

    Although HF3 has a redesigned interface, the core concepts are the same, so anything you learn in HF2 will transfer very easily over to HF3.

  • SimUK
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    Just had an email "New HitFilm 3 Pro details - Pre-order today", but now I'm a bit confused.

    Am I getting a free upgrade to HitFilm 3 Pro as mentioned above by one of the other commenters due to me activating my HF2U on the day the new version was announced, or do I have to pay the upgrade and pre-order? Don't want to miss out but also obviously don't want to pay when there may be the free upgrade as has been mentioned. Can anyone confirm the situation please?


  • KirstieT
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    Hi @SimUK - don't worry, everyone received that email. 
    There is a difference between purchasing and activating the software on a certain date, which affects eligibility. Can I request that you please send us a support ticket, as we don't have access to your receipt seeing as you bought from a reseller? You can do that here: www.hitfilm.com/questions/submit