OpenCL Error with Intel HD Graphics Version

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  • goldenstar2
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    I cannot complete the installation of Hitfilm because Open CL.dll error keeps popping up. My computer has an Intel (R) HD Graphics Version card, is that compatible with the program?

  • tddavis
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    @goldenstar2 You will notice I split your comment off into a new question because a thread that hasnt been active since 2016 is very likely to be missed by those here you have knowledge to help. I also moved it to the support forum. Hope this is okay.

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    @goldenstar2 The Open CL.dll error is related to your GPU. Make sure your drivers are updated from the manufacturer and not Microsoft updates. M$ has a nasty habit of downgrading your GPU. Also read the FAQ here:

  • goldenstar2
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    Thank you for your advice, greatly appreciated! I have updated my drivers to the latest version using the link you kindly provided but unfortunately I still have the .dll problem, guess my computer is too old to install the program.