Security concern with HitFilm

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What am I getting this ? I don't considere a program trying to log into my Windows account a normal behavior


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    If you look in the File>Preferences>Activation menu you'll note your license is tied to both the email account used to download the software, and your computer's unique ID number.

    I believe when logging in Hitfilm just does a quick check in with the registration server to verify your account and trigger the Update dialog (if needed). That should be it.

    This is a user forum - including moderators - so that's about the only guess/explanation I can give, other than referring you to FXhome privacy policy. Coincidentally, I happened to get an update this morning via email update to the privacy policy.

    I'll tag in a couple of Staff who should have more insight. @TheBenNorris @philipwesson

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    Thank you for the answer !
    Would you mind please linking me to the updated policy ? I would like to check it.
    Certainly I asume FX is safe to use still I had to ask in case of it being a bug, an accidentally released inside build, etc. But again, thank you for the clarification