[ENHANCEMENT] [CamtrackAR] Show 3D models without the Chroma Key feature enabled

laconstantedeplanck Posts: 123 Enthusiast


I've been playing around with CamTrackAR and I've observed that imported 3D models are only shown when you apply the Chroma Key and/or make the camera layer invisible. That's great for full 3D environments (ie outdoors-like 3D model (like a street) or an indoors-like one like a room). But it'd be nice to be able to see a 3D model on top of your camera layer in the same way you can see the anchor points rotate while exploring the scene. This VR-like behaviour would be very useful to explain the actors the actual size of a 3D object so they can interact with it more accurately. I have to say that I LOVE CamTrackAR, it's worth every penny of its EUR 29,99 price.

I'm opening this thread under the Hitfilm subforum as there's no specific one for CamTrackAR :)