Incredible Sci-Fi Series Made on Blender & Composited in AE


  • Andy001z
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    Indeed, saw this awhile ago, just amazing. He's been working in it for some time. The BTS is cool.

  • philipwesson
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    Here's an episode of VFX Artists react, where Ian Hubert came on and talked about this work:

  • bitcohen
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    I watched it. I found the special effects really mindblowing. Playing with Blender myself, one really gets to appreciate how much work goes into such an undertaking. The world that Ian Hubert has created is very rich and detailed. A dystopia cyberpunk future - one that I certainly wouldn't like to live in. I felt that the script did need a bit of polishing up. That's something that can be worked on.

    Overall, a really great effort. I look forward to seeing more of this.

  • ScottyBros
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    Yeah, this level is way beyond what any other amateurs are doing because Ian Hubert is very talented.

  • Hictor
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    To loosely paraphrase what he was saying in his World Building presentation, Ian Hubert is all about "World Building."

    LIke he takes his time when he's out and about to memorize the sense of smell of the atmosphere, the look of the texture and lighting and he just makes references out of all these nuances to build his world.

    Thats what he tries to teach his students whenever they think you can do all of this by "pressing the right buttons"

    There's a difference between knowing the technicalities behind the art and being conscious about what more you can do to make art imitate life.

    That's Ian's special sauce. That's every artist's special sauce.

  • philipwesson
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    That's Ian's special sauce. That's every artist's special sauce.

    I couldn't have put it better myself.