Importing problems

christopherbay Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
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I have a weird issue were when I go to import a picture and it imports the last picture that i imported although I didn't select that picture??? how du I fix this?



  • tddavis
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    @christopherbay That is certainly an odd issue and one I have not seen mentioned before, and I cannot get my version to replicate it. I double checked the Prompts and Warnings to see if there might be something that got check to force it to do that and couldn't find anything. What version of Hitfilm are you using and what are the specs of your system: CPU, GPU, OS etc. Since it is so unusual it might be best to toss it directly to official support as we are all users here with the tech guys checking in periodically, but we will give it try.

  • christopherbay
    christopherbay Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
    i have the i5 6400 gtx 970 8gb ddr3 and windows 10 i think i have hitfilm express 16 but i also just askd the official support team:) thanks for the answer!