Sound problem

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I have a sound problem with hitfilm express.

When i export my montage, the sound of the last two seconds is muted.

On the software, the last two seconds of the audio track is hatched.

How i can modify this to have the sound on the whole audio track.

Thank you.


  • Stargazer54
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    @heidydu33 The hatched area on the audio track is an indication that the audio track has been stretched past the end of the audio file length. Therefore there is no sound there. It looks like the audible part of your track ends just past the cursor at around 9:16?

    Did you split the audio and video apart? (Done by right clicking on either the video or audio track and selecting Unlink). Once the two are unlinked the audio or video can be moved on the timeline interdependently.

    I assume the audio track is of the speaker talking in the video track? If the audio did become unlinked then I would imagine that the audio is now out of sync with the speaker. You might need to re-import your footage.