The Neon Path effect is soooo AWESOME!

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I was just using the Neon Path effect for one of the first times today and dude, it’s so powerful! I was able to create some super awesome text with hardly any effort and it looked so epic! I just love Hitfilm! Thank you for making such awesome software FXhome!


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    Yeah, it's a good one.

    I did a "Green Lantern/Blue Lantern" themed engagement shoot right when Neon Path go released and a little masking tool/Neon Path in Hitfilm gave me some awesome ring auras. For a "landing" shot I even set up the fade out so the aura was just starting to fade on the side away from the rings to suggest "powering down" (figuring the aura emits and retracts from the ring.

    Used Hitfilm on the second one to fill in more pond where I removed sidewalk.

    No Neon Path on the third. Lightsword, Energy Distortion and Glow, with a little Lens Flare.

    Side note - So Cal is usually faded, smoggy and cloudless. We got so lucky to actually have a bright day, but lots of clouds for sky texture. A good sky helps.

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    @Triem23 Wow, those images are pretty cool!

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    Agree with FilmSensei!

    Is it a video or just a photos?

    Would love to see it moving :)