[FEATURE] shape layer (other than the mask)

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We can draw shapes using the mask tool on any layer, however, the mask will be limited by the size of the plane/layer itself.

On the other hand, when we draw free shapes for motion graphics and the layer area is just the shape, all the layers that interact with this shape will deal only with the shape area without the necessity to adjust the layer (plane) size every time we do animation with these shapes.

For example, when we change the size of the mask, it may exceed the plane, so we will have to adjust the plane size as well, but when we just have a free shape that is not necessarily connected to another layer, it is easier to modify and it is a big time saving to be done this way.



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    [{"insert":"Yes....shape layers is necessary...\n"}]
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    I would like also to add to the shape layer feature the ability to link each point of the shape to a point layer or a layer in general (Similar to AE when we can link them to null object).

    In the lighting and electricity effect in HitFilm, we can make it as a simple line and link the start and the end of this line to 2 different layers, why not having the shape points (endless number) being linked to different layers as well.