HitFilm 2 Ultimate is NOT RESPONDING


Lets get strait to the point. I have a prodject I need to edit on hitfilm this is my first ever FULL sized prodject its about 1h 20min and every so often, Actualy about every 2 minutes, Of editing it all of a sudden says HitFilm 2 Ultimate is NOT RESPONDING and it takes about 1-3 minutes to respond again and this is realy annoying! Its realy hard to get this project finished. I have a good computer and I just upgraded it and its still not working. Is this a software fault or do I need to upgrade my computer again. I shot it all in full HD at 60fps so they are big files. Is there anything I can do. And also Im on a bit of a budget so anything cheap or free would be a nice solution. Anyways PLEASE HELP!


  • KirstieT
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    Tooshka's right - could you give us a little more information about the specs of your computer, and the project you're trying to create?
    Have you sent us a support ticket already? www.hitfilm.com/questions/submit

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    Does your hard drive go nuts and CPU (or one core of it) max out during the time Hitfilm is not responding?

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    What kind of content do you have in the project? And do you have autosave turned on? A regular pausing could be due to the autosave kicking in - normally you wouldn't notice this, but if you have a large, complex project it could be taking longer. 3D models in the project in particular will increase save/load time.

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    You'll never finish your project.....

    trust me.

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    It sounds to me like you are using a file format that is not compatible with editing. As in, using the files that come directly out of the camera. 

    The file size of the clips doesn't matter. I use DNxHD to edit, the file size is large, but HFU runs them great. 

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    Specs are

    Win 7, 64-bit

    24GB RAM

    AMD 8320 8-core

    AMD Ra GFX card

    gigabyte technology

    970a d3p

    Also nullunit i think that may be my problem 

  • __simon__
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    If you choose to convert to DNxHD I'd be interested in hearing if that works for you. I had trouble with an 18 minute 1080/50p m2ts file so I transcoded it to DNxHD resulting in a 47 GB file. My test project which just contains that one file with a 30 second section of it on the time line takes just under 4 minutes to open! With 1:20 of footage you may be waiting a long time :)