LARGE file conversion!

fxhomer173436 Posts: 45 Just Starting Out*

Hey everyone!

So I have got a few large MKV files that I have been trying to convert into MP4 so that I can edit them... Problem is that I have tried everything and it keeps coming out as MKV file and Hitfilm doesn't like that. Is there a way of maybe converting the file In Hitfilm Itself?

I've looked at settings and such, Even tested another MP4 file and that works fine...

But I just can't seem to get these files converted... The file sizes I'm trying to convert is 22.5GB And more! Maybe is that to big to convert?

I'd take any advice I can get right now as I haven't been able to upload for a couple weeks....

I've done research and tried a bunch of online converters all had the same outcome..