Hitfilm express is a white screen and wont respond

Ive been using HItfilm express for awhile but now it won't even open. It will just go to a white screen and then it'll just sit there. Once I click anywhere in Hitfilm it says it's no longer responding. 

I know there's an exact same question already but the solution mentioned there doesn't apply to me


  • Triem23
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    But the questions we would have asked in whatever thread you read would absolutely have applied to you.

    What are your system specs, CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage? Are your GPU drivers up to date? (No, you cannot trust Window or any management software your GPU may have to give you driver updates. You MUST update GPU drivers from the Nvidia, AMD or Intel sites). Have you changed anything else on your system - installing other software or hardware drivers? Did you recently update/change your version of Hitfilm? What Antivirus are you running, if your machine a Dell or Alienware?