[FEATURE] Array effect.

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I know there are different ways to have objects aligned together with the clone modifier or particle system, however, array effect (like the one in Blender for example) is also practical in creating copies in different directions, rows, circles...etc. This would be an easier option than doing several steps in the particle system in HitFilm.

Those copies could also follow different shapes.



  • Triem23
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    @mabdelbary please take a look at the Atomic Particles effect. Atomic allows you to use a custom layer as a particle shape and creates arrays.

    You mentioned Clone and Particle Sim already, and I'm going to leave this request alone because there may be room for another Array type effect - just pointing out an existing option that might do what you want a little easier than Clone and Particle Sim. 👍

  • mabdelbary
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    @Triem23 Thanks for your reply!

    I know I can do the same strategy with the particle system, however, with array it can be more convenient for some users who want to do these replications easier and faster as you mentioned (similar to atomic particle). It is just a useful option to be added to the effects list 👍️