[ENHANCEMENT] moving/copying clips (with their effects and attributes) from editor to compositor.

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I suggest to be able to copy or move clips with their effects and attributes from the editor to the composite shot (and vice versa) like a regular file instead of creating a composite shot then move it from this composite to the desired composite shot.

This is an easier way to access and sync both compositor and editor, for example, if I am working on a part of the clip of the compositor, I would like to be able to move just this part for editing instead of relocating it from the trimmer window and start editing.

This dynamic sync will be easier and faster to edit and composite the clips this way.



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    You can copy things like transform values, effects etc, between different items on the Editor, and between different composites, but not between the two. It's slightly fussy having to save an effect preset just to apply it to a composite clip from the editor or vice versa. It's also quite an irritation having to make a temporary composite for a clip that's in the editor, just so it can be added to an existing composite.
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    @katarinawyatt I've merged your request with this older, identical thread. Make sure you up vote!

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    Also, it will be more convenient to select multiple clips from the editor and create a composite shot from them or selecting multiple layers inside the composite shot and make a sequence from them.