Question about the 12 months of updates Hitfilm pro

Daniel123 Posts: 34 Just Starting Out*

after the 12 months of free updates is there a way to pay to upgrade to the next update?

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  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,255 Expert
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    @pwwowowowo Yes, there is. After your 12 month ends you can renew your year of upgrades usually at a discount price then the first time purchase price. Also, you can time the renewal with one of the seasonal sales for more savings, or you can continue to use your copy as is and renew later. If you choose to wait, I am not certain when the renewal discount ceases to be available though, but any sales discounts would still apply.

  • Triem23
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    Just to add to what @tddavis wrote, you can add time BEFORE your year ends as well.

    Let's say you bought Pro in Aug 2021. Your license goes till Aug 2022. Let's say there's a REALLY good sale in Nov 2021 and you decide to add another year - this will extend you to Aug 2023.