Simple but for me complex topics regarding clips for a soccer video.

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Hi masters,
Again I, the complete newbie, are on to create my son Eriks soccer highlight video. Now I have about 200 clips, where I will use about 50-60 of them. I have a few newbie questions.

1) The clips are from different soccer games mp4´s and are stored in five different FX-projects AND as separate composite shots in a separate common directory. Question: Would you use the composite shots as media in a new project or would you do it another way ?

2) If using the composite shots as the starting point. Would you work with one at the time, create the effects and then export it to a mp4 to later on be used as "ready made media" in the final video, repeat this about 50-60 times, or would you do it another way? Each clip are like 5 to 20 seconds.

3) The effects that I will use in all the 50-60 clips are a) slow down to sloooow motion for 2-3 seconds at the exact timespot where Erik appears and b) create an ellips around him , or c) a nice bent arrow pointing in the slow motion part of the clip. So I would like to find the easiest way to do this in all the 50-60 clips. What would be a reasonable way to do a) slooow down, and b) the ellips (and maybe it can be done differently using composite shots or not)?

4) I have played with the ellips function on a composite shot but cant get it right. I can create the ellips, I can get it to move, but I cant get it highlighted as the "blur" seem to stick to clip rather than the ellips in all my tries. I am doing something wrong here,

5) I find the way FXhome works with the media hard to understand. When doing clips and composite shots they still seem to rely on the original video as the media. Would i there fore be better to create each clip as a rendered mp4 video as it will have its own full media content?

6) The viewer show the clips very "jumpy" as they were like three frames per sec. Cant find a way to change any settings to make show a smooth clip. Where do I change that or can I get the clip to be shown in the Trimmer instead and use it there (maybe not a good idea)?

7) If I put in all the clips of composite shots in the editor time line before having finalized them I find it hard to work with. As the length of the clip will be longer adding slow motion I need to fit space to it by moving ALL the other clips to the right in one move. Is it another way to do that than mark all of them move them far to the right, wokr with the one clip, and move ALL of the other ones to fit exactly to the new lengt of the one clip?
Actually if I make each clip ready with effects/lenght etc and store it as 50-60 mp4´s I can actually just move them into the time line one by one in the order I like it. Maybe thats the way to do it.

Lots of questions from a quite frustrated newbie (too many options in this fantastic software)......


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    1&2) Composite Shots can be loaded into other projects via the "Import Composite Shot" function. Whether or not one chooses to import the Composites or render the Comps and re-import the rendered video is up to the individual artist. The advantage of keeping the Comps is that making later changes to those Comps is easier. The advantage of rendering is reading a video clip uses fewer system resources, and generally performs faster than a Comp. I tend to render, but, sometimes I import the Comp. There is no right/wrong here.

    3) I'm not going to talk about slowing things down right now. Hitfilm's handling of slow mo needs improvement. A discussion of slo-mo is complex, and, later I'll find one of my earlier posts on the topic to copy/paste.

    3b) Honestly, the easiest way to create an ellipse or circle is just to create a text layer with an "O." Pick your font. The next way to make an ellipse is to create a plane layer, add a circle mask, duplicate the mask, set the second mask to a "Subtract" blend and scale the second mask down. So... Letter "O?"

    3c) Bent Arrow? Use the masking tools to draw one on a plane, create a PNG in a photo editor and import that or... If you have a "Wingdings" type font with arrows, the text tool again.

    The easiest way to do this a lot? For the slo mo you just have to do it over and over. For the ellipse/arrow? You can copy/paste layers between Comp shots.

    4) I'm sorry, I don't understand the question.

    5) Hitfilm handles media the same way as any NLE or Compositor. Storing media inside a project file would create huge projects and eat drive space. Using a "pointer" to refer to the original media is what every NLE does. I would not suggest trimming and rendering each clip before editing. That'll just take up too much time. Rendering your finished Comps? See answers 1&2, above.

    6) What are your system specs (CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage)? What format is your video? Hitfilm's performance depends on these things. A slow computer or weak GPU means slow playback and rendering. Hitfilm can GPU accelerate video playback, but only for mp4 video. Note an "Mp4" file might not actually be mp4 video (which is annoying). There's a program called MediaInfo (it's free) that can help determine what's going on with your video. Generating a "Tree" report and pasting it here can help.

    Aside from making certain your footage is in an optimized format, you can speed up playback by turning down the resolution/quality settings in the drop down menu at the bottom right of the Viewer. Resolution/quality vs speed of playback is always a tradeoff.

    The Trimmer will not do what you want. The Trimmer views the ORIGINAL file, not the clip on the Timeline.

    Honestly, with what you're describing I'm going to guess you likely have a fairly weak PC..

    7) the bottom Icon to the left of the Timeline is the "Track Select" tool. Clicking and holding that Icon toggles between selecting LEFT and selecting RIGHT. This tool selects (depending on mode) everything left or right of the Playhead in one click. This is specifically to speed up selecting and moving large groups of clips. Or, yes, you can render out individual Comps, reimport to a new project, then assemble on the Editor Timeline. See Answers 1&2, above.