Rode Videomic vs Zoom H1?

ChrisMurphy Website User Posts: 61

So heres my problem. I bought the Videomic but wasnt happy with the results directly into my camera. SO i bought the Zoom H1 for audio. Now Should I return my Videomic for my money back or would there be a good application to favor keeping it?




  • ChrisMurphy
    ChrisMurphy Website User Posts: 61

    Cause obviously I dont want to waste the money of the MIC if its not needed at all

  • duffman
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    Depends on what you want to record and if you are satified with the built mics of the H1.

    I would try connecting the Rode and doing some A-B comparison recordings with the H1 mics. 

    What didn't you like about the Rode? The fact that it is super cardioid, a narrow sound field?

    You can never have too many microphones!




  • ChrisMurphy
    ChrisMurphy Website User Posts: 61

    Hooking the Videomic straight into the T3i did not provide great audio, because of the weak preamps. Thats why I bought the H1, i figured the best results would be with seperate audio. SO basically its a question of do I need the videomic? Decisions decisions haha

  • MatthiasClaflin
    MatthiasClaflin Website User Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    edited October 2014

    The H1's mic will be on par with the Video mic in terms of quality, however I don't think it is capable of the same cardiod polar pattern that you get with the Videomic. Meaning the Videomic will reject more noise from the left and right sides of the mic than you would from the H1. The Rode will give you better range, better quality audio at a longer distance I imagine, but at a close range, I doubt you'll notice a difference.

  • Marcin
    Marcin Website User Posts: 132 Just Starting Out

    And it is easier to operate the recorder with one hand, while holding the mike in the other or having the mic on the pole.

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