Auto Tracking and Mask?

Hi. I have a main video and then a video I want to stabilize, mask, and superimpose over my main video (it's me sitting on a motorcycle dyno machine and the smaller video is of the speedometer).

However, my hand was shaky and the speedometer footage is therefore shaky. I used auto stabilize and a rectangular mask around the speedometer but the speedometer is moving within the mask.

Is there any way to lock the mask on the speedometer (another rectangle shape) and hold the speedometer still? Attached is a picture.


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    Ok, so. A MASK uses information on layer "A" to provide transparency information for layer "A."

    A MATTE uses information on layer "B" to provide transparency data for layer "A."

    A MASK is attached to its relative position inside its layer and cannot be parented to a point - so it is not possible to track for a MASK.

    Since a MATTE is a different layer you can track a point, apply that to a MATTE layer, then use the Set Matte effect to apply the results of the matte layer.

    Mattes can work based off the alpha (transparency), luminance or any one of the RGB channels in its source layer - which means for example, I might have a white shape on a black plane generating a luminance matte. White is opaque, black is transparent. Blurring that layer would make the gray areas more translucent as they get darker.

    For now, let me refer you to this thread, where I discussed mattes and masks in more detail with another user yesterday. That should answer most of your questions while saving me some retyping. After reading that thread if you need more clarification, ask back in this thread.

    The short version is you'll want a plane layer masked to the shape of the speedometer. This can go under a Grade Layer at the bottom of your main comp, or be embedded in its own comp. You'll track the speedometer, parent that track to a point layer, then parent your matte shape to the point. Then use Set Matte on your footage.

    EDIT I'll leave the above - it's good to know, but it's not what you asked. You want to STABILIZE the footage so the speedometer is still, correct?

    Here's where I ask "Express or Pro?" in Pro you have some extra options not in Express.

    To stabilize in Express, Jaime from Film Empire and FXhome have you covered with this tutorial..

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    [{"insert":"Hi. Yes I'd like to stabilize the speedo. I have the latest version of Pro. Thank you for the help!\n"}]