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I'd love to see 'cleanup' and 'archive features added to Hitfilm so that I can tidy and archive my project in the most efficient and future-friendly manner once a project is completed. I would like it to:

1) Remove unused media leaving only media that is in use in the Editor or in at least one Composite shot.

2) 'Consolidate' project media so all used media assets are copied to the same folder as the Hitfilm Project file.

3) zip the project file and media.

Currently it's extremely time-consuming and manual to do this kind of tidy-up, unless I've missed a feature somewhere.



---(MODERATOR EDIT - 'Strike out' on text added by Moderator Triem23. Hitfilm added a "Remove Unused Media" feature in Hitfilm 16. Right click in the Media Bin and select "Remove Unused" from the pop-up menu.)


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    Huh. Could have sworn I'd created a request thread for this, but, nope!

    Absolutely agree with this!

    However - deleting unused media from a project is more of a "cleanup," while moving/trimming media to a common project folder is referred to as "Archiving" in other NLE's.

    @Gotjek, Steve, would you mind if I edited this thread to focus on removing unused media ("Cleanup") and either I or you start a new request thread for consolidating/zipping media assets ("Archive")?


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    @Gotjek Steve, I'm a silly Moderator.

    Ok, so, part of your request is to be able to automatically remove unused media from a project. Hitfilm already does this!

    In the Media Bin, right-click and select "Remove Unused."

    This was added in Hitfilm 16, so i think that's why I forgot to bring it up. It's a "brand-new" feature that hasn't quite settled into my brain as being there until I accidentally see it and go, "Oh, RIGHT!"

    I just did a "Remove Unused" on a project I'm cutting right now which removed several rejected takes.

    Steve, at this point I'm going to - on my own decision - edit your headline and initial request again. Since Hitfilm already has a feature to "Clean Up" (Remove unused media) from a project I'm going to focus your request more on the consolidating/zipping bit.

    Note as a Moderator I'm a volunteer and don't work for FXhome, but I am taking it on myself to edit your post so that people aren't upvoting for something Hitfilm does so they can focus on something that Hitfilm SHOULD do. That's clearer for the users, and doesn't waste the dev's time seeing requests for things they already did...

    I'm waiting for HF 17 to release because there are a couple of Feature Request threads I'll get to mark as "HItfilm does this - added HF 17" and close them out!

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    Thank you very much for your response, and editing the post !
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    +1 for the Archive function. Useful for archiving, backing up, and making projects “portable”.