Content Video File Error After Saving

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I have only just finished a video edit, and now the file cannot read, I thought it was a hard drive at first but after restarting my PC, all hard drives were fine, including all contents inside the video that I used, after saving the file, afraid of a PC malfunction the didnt wanna open, cannot find content, which is a load of rubbish after I just spent 4 hours editing the footage, I have spent many years using hitfilm never endured a fault like this, please help ASAP.


  • Triem23
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    You'll need to directly contact Support on this one.

    They might be able to help recover the project, it's possible it's corrupted beyond repair.

    It's a good idea in any NLE to save multiple backups of a project. Studios save a new version of a project with a new filename at least daily (base filename and a time stamp), if not every time the project is saved. For home use, one or two rotating redundant backups is enough, but it's done for safety in case of this very same (and rare) issue.