What computer would you recommend for editing on HitFilm and Blender?

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My computer has been acting unreasonably slow when I try to work in HitFilm. So what sort of computer should I upgrade to to make my editing time more efficient?


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    Well, an AMD 3990X thřeadripper, Nvidia 3090, five 1TB (or more) Samsung 870 EVO SSDs (one for OS/cache, one for programs, one for your media library, one for your current project media, one for current project output), 1TB of 3600Mhz DDR4 RAM... Oh and two or three color grader quality 4K HDR monitorsm

    And that'll cost you over $15,000 because I literally picked the fastest, most powerful of everything.

    Even then you'll wish it was faster.

    So, now that I've listed off the best possible computer in 2021, the serious questions are "What's your budget?" "What do you currently have?" "Are you intending on upgrading your current machine, or are you buying a new one?" as well as "What kinds of projects do you work on?" because, in Hitfilm there's a real debatable difference in whether your money should go towards a faster CPU or GPU depending on if you edit more video or produce more animation.

    Note that optimal hardware for Hitfilm and Blender vary. Hitfilm really isn't fully optimized for full multicore performance - it tends to use a single thread for an operation so more cores won't get you a speed boost but you'll be able to layer more things before hitting a CPU bottleneck and slowing down. Blender will power through all your cores.

    So, once you answer those questions we'll be able to guide you better... Cuz the general answer is ALWAYS "the fastest, most powerful thing you can afford." See above for a PC someone could have in 2021 if they had the money to spend.

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    Apologies that this doesn't really answer the question, but... There is often more than one way to skin the cat.

    One solution is obviously to upgrade one's hardware.

    Another solution is to downgrade one's software and projects. As I like to brag, I've been using Hitfilm 4 Express on a ten year old Mac for 3 or 4 years now. Seems to work pretty good!

    Ok, so panning down the timeline is sometimes a tad laggy, and certainly my exports take longer than probably anybody's on the forum. Um, well, so what?

    We can speed up our harder, or slow down our mind. The later is less expensive. :-) Options, options, options..

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    @JodieOrr In the computer 'before times' GPUs were called video cards. They were nowhere near as beefy as they are today. Graphical Processing Unit is what, I think, it stands for. They contain extra memory to compute what will be displayed on your screen. With systems that have no dedicated GPU (like a lot of laptops) they really on the CPU to do this and that can seriously slow or bog down they system. Hope that poor summary helps you out.

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    A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is what your computer uses to make all the visuals displayed on your screen. All laptops and most prebuilt desktops have what are called Integrated Graphics… usually a very basic, low powered GPU that’s designed to show your programs on the screen, play videos, run a few basic games… and that’s it. Nothing fancy.

    High end video games, and video editors like HitFilm need more powerful GPUs to run well. When it comes to HitFilm, the GPU is the biggest bottleneck for most users, so it’s very important to take it into consideration.

    This is where Triem23’s questions come in… what type of system are you looking for, what is your budget, and what are the specs of the computer you are currently using? We can recommend options for you, but only if we have this information.

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    This is what I've been tellin' folks for years after buying prebuilt machines and building custom machines myself...

    After you do some research and learn what is what, and what goes where, and what software you're going to use and you also learn the hardware limitations of the software that you want to use, when it comes to computers...

    You should really not skimp out on anything. If money is no concern... then get the best!!! 😀

    If you have a budget... then get a machine with enough space and a large enough motherboard so that it can be upgraded with better graphics cards and and or central processing units as well as ram and power supply.

    With 3D and video editing... yeah you want to get the best that you can afford.

    Here's a pic of my machine specs as viewed through the Task Manager. 32 core cpu. 64gigs of ram. A single 24gig RTX Titan. I can upgrade all of my hardware so this machine will last me another couple of years.

    Get a motherboard that can have multiple graphics cards installed. Blender can use up to 7 graphics cards but Hitfilm only uses one graphics card. I have 5 graphics cards, together they provide 68 gigs of v-ram. V-ram is important with graphics cards. The more you have... the more 3D stuff you can load and render at the same time.

    You need a CPU / Central Processing Unit with as many cores as you can get. I have a 32 core 64 threads, Threadripper CPU which is pretty okay for Blender. You'll need a really good cpu no matter what anyone says for running Hitfilm.

    Fast ram is also important. I have 8 ram slots on my motherboard which can take up to 128 gigs of ram but because I had a budget, I only bought four sticks that have 16 gigs of ram each for a total of 64gigs.

    A strong Power Supply unit is gonna be a must because you're gonna be doing a ton of rendering and lots of 3D stuff.

    So yeah... do some research... ask around if you're not sure... get the best that you can get in the moment and try to make sure that you will be able to, at a later time, upgrade your cpu, gpu, ram, storage devices and power supply unit.

    And if you're interested... I also code and build my own version of Blender named Filmer which I coded to work specifically with Hitfilm... so if you have any question when it comes to working with Blender and Hitfilm...

    Feel free to ask me anything.

    For reference... I have 5 Filmer Beta testers. 3 of them, like me, are also FXhome software Beta testers @tddavis, @Triem23, and @FilmSensei, the other two are Hitfilm users, @GrayMotion and @FlyingBanana78 . They've been helping me test Filmer for around three years. 😀

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    @spydurhank Actually, I am no longer a beta tester for Filmer. I purchased my most recent copy and own it now. Also, I don't believe that @tddavis is a beta tester for HitFilm. I myself only recently (within the past two months) became a HitFilm beta tester. Previously, I have purchased every single version of HitFilm Pro since HitFilm 2 Ultimate in 2014, and I still have until November on my update time.

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    Good to know. Thanks.

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    @FilmSensei well, I Beta both (sorta), but I still pay for Filmer, cuz Frank deserves my $. Actually, I need to check and see if it's been a year.

    Hitfilm, I'll cheerfully take the comped builds. But, if I wasn't a Tester, I'd still have every version.

    I might skip Vegas 19,bbut that would make it the first version I didn't get.

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    Sensei is correct, I am not. It would be a huge disservice to FxHome for me to be a Beta tester given how unprolific my output is. 😁 Same with Filmer, calling me a Beta is super generous and like Triem23 I try to contribute once in a while, and I need to check my records as well. I've barely scratched the surface of what Filmer can do mostly due to my lack of Blender proper skills. My only contribution to you was running down so.e add-ons that created problems which was work for you.

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    I'm gonna be honest: almost none of this makes any sense to me. I haven't even heard some of these words before.

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    No problem... you've gotta start somewhere. 😀

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    @JodieOrr Take a look at this forum thread from back in Feb, 2021...

    @triforcefx does a really nice job breaking down what you would want to look for, and then several others threw in their input as well. It should give you a base idea of what to look for. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    BTW, I know how you feel... computer hardware, is not my field of expertise either. The good news is that we have a lot of people here on the forums who know a great deal about it. What I did was I found a friend who is a computer hardware expert and showed him some of the threads on this forum. He then put together a computer for me that does the job. I ended up spending about $1500 back in 2019 for what I have now, and I am very happy with it. Good luck!