When can we expect the next version of Hitfilm

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When can we expect the next update for Hitfilm?


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    Apologies for the delay, but, the ongoing COVID situation has really slowed things down for the FXhome dev teams. When in the office the devs have a whole bunch of computers set up to switch between while, every time the UK goes into lockdown and everyone has to work from home again they have to take one (maybe two) machines home each and set them up. It just really hurts the QA process when the dev teams don't have access to multiple machines at once.

    I don't work for FXhome but am part of the external volunteer testers, and, while I can't go into detail, I can say that the external teams do have a build of the next version. There are one or two of the new features that are radical changes from prior versions of the software and the devs are really trying to make everything airtight before shipping. There've been one or two things we external testers have been debating with the QA lead and a couple of the devs. Yup, the testers make nuisances of ourselves as we give our input on how we think things could be better for everyone else. Sometimes WE'RE the cause of a delay or change.

    Can't give you an exact date, and, chances are Staff won't give an answer until the software is actually out (testers don't get told release dates, and, even if we did, our NDAs wouldn't let us say. As it is, I'm skipping right up to the edge of what I'm allowed to talk about, so all I can do is say "soon."

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