What kinda mic stand for a Directional Mic

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Hey everyone,

As you may know a lot of videocreators are using directional mics and I'm not sure which tripods they are using. At first I thought something like they use for dynamic mics but those aren't that high. I also like to see links or recommendationsšŸ‘

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    YOu have some terminology issues here. Most "dynamic" mics ARE directional mics. Dynamic vs condenser has to do with the underlying tech in the transducer (mechanism that converts the audio vibrations in the air into electrical signals.

    This article goes into more detail:

    Otherwise there are "onidirectional" mics, which pick up sound from all directions, "cardiod" mics, "hypercardioid" mics. Cardioid and hypercardioid mics are both "directional." hypercardioids are often called "shotgun" mics or "unidirectional". Then there are "Figure 8" microphones. Again, this article will explain better:

    Now, when you're asking about mic stands "like they use for dynamic mics..." that's an utterly meaningless way to phrase it. The pickup pattern of a microphone doesn't matter for purposes of buying a stand. Seriously.

    The things to look for in a mic stand all have to do with where you're using it. If on a desktop only, you might want a mini/desktop stand or one of those things that clamps to the edge of a desk. If you're heading out into the wilds you might want a straight stand with "tripod feet" instead of a weighted base (for portability). You might get a mic stand with an extending boom arm. This is more designed for musicians who have to fit mic stands around their music stand, but also work well for extending over a desk. I don't actually own any mic stands anymore - I just screw a clamp into one of my photography monopods when I need a mic stand.

    I won't give any recommendations or links, because mic stands are really one of those things where - for the most part - any is as good as another (unless you're looking at one of those spring arm things that clamp to desks). Just decide if you want/need a single stand, a boom arm stand or a desktop stand. If you're going out shooting/vlogging and already use a tripod/monopod you might not want a mic stand at all - you might want a mini clamp/articulating arm that clamps to the tripod leg and a mic clamp to attach to the arm.

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    @Triem23 I have a Dynamic mic with a super cardioid polar pattern. In using the comica vm-20 (what I've sold my rode videomic ntg for that) and I wanted something where I dont't hold the mic over the heads of the people anymore because I also have to check audio, Video and everything else. I only find mic stands for those dynamic mics which people like to use to sing or record stuff

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    I already know how mics work I have a condenser microphone and absorbing material on my walls for voiceovers (that's on a cheap desk clamp) and I have lavalier mics (that I can't use for the scenario I'm planning to do.

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    But thanks for the link I actually never have used a dynamic mic with cardioid polar pattern so thanks I might use that in future but I usually like to have my mics not visible.

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    @Triem23 yeah thanks thats exactly what i was looking foršŸ˜

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    This is a boom stand that I own and find quite useful for overhead mic-ing work. It is large enough and counter-balanced enough to hold a lot of types of studio-quality mics. (I also use it for recording studio music work).

    AmazonSmile: GRIFFIN Professional Studio Microphone Boom Stand with Casters | Extended Height Recording Mic Holder Tripod on Wheels | Tall Telescoping Arm Mount & Retractable Legs for Vocals, Choir, Overhead Drums : Musical Instruments