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Hey everyone 👋

Is there a list with the compatible Devices for Camtrack AR? I'm gonna get an iPad for school and now I have to decide which one I want to get. You have to know that I'm not that much of an Apple fan (nothing against Apple but I don't like their pricing) and I'm mainly using Android and Windows. I would use the iPad for school and Camtrack AR so the cheapest iPad that supports Camtrack AR is probably the one for me. If anyone has tips where to buy and which one to buy can leave their suggestions here I am thankful for every answer!


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    Anything that can run iOS 13.2 or later.

    The primary tracking would be via gyroscope and accelerometer.

    The LIDAR camera in the more recent iPhone/iPad (Pro) helps get a better track, but isn't necessary.

    Even a humble iPhone 6 should run CamtrackAR, and, these days I can get an iPhone 6 or 7 for under a hundred dollars.