Wierd pixel reaction

I was filming this with my canon rebel T4i, I also downloaded the latest Quicktime and made it my default player. I imported the files but when i play them on the timeline, the pixels of moving objects in the footage seem to glitch and delay. Any ideas?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    It would be super useful to see what you are talking about.  Do you see the ssame bahavior when you RAM preview the footage in a composite shot?Also, what are your system specs?



    Graphics Card:


  • Windows 7 

    AMD Six-Core processor

    GeForce GTX 760

    In the first composite shot in the video, it shows that when I reset the playhead from where it was positioned in the middle of the footage, it retains that frame and when I play it it dissolves into the rest of the footage in a glitchy way. The second shot is an example of some problems I've been having with footage being generally skippy, even though I used the ram preview. No worries, it's just that I downloaded this on a new computer I got so I'm just working out the kinks.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1yoN4YW8ZA

  • Robin
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    This looks like a problem with decoding the footage... Did you convert the files in any way prior to import? Also, does this specific file play back correctly in QuickTime outside of HitFilm?

  • No conversion that I know of, but I did manage to fix it by converting the files to MP4.