Hitfilm express crashes on start

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I just installed hitfilm express I activated it and it told me to restart the app, I did and when I open it it just crashes for some reason. I don't have much experience so if you could give step by step instructions to fix it I would appreciate you very much.



  • Triem23
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    First we'll start with your system specs - CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage.

    Unfortunately the #1 cause of Hitfilm crashing on startup is the computer being under minimum specs for the software.

    #2 cause of crash on startup is obsolete GPU drivers. Here's a FAQ on updating those.

    Is the computer Dell or Alienware?

    There's a small possibility whatever anti-virus software you have is crashing the software. The major options - McAfee, Norton - don't have this issue, but it's something to look at after you post your specs.

  • extremepro999
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    cpu: intel i5 10th gen

    gpu: intel r uhd graphics

    os: microsoft windows 10

    ram: 8gb

    storage: 1tb

    and my pc is hp

  • extremepro999
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    no my pc specs are good for hitfilm

    tried with my antivirus off still same result

    and my pc is hp

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    "My PC specs are good for Hitfilm" is NOT an answer to the question.

    You didn't state if you made certain your GPU drivers were current.

    This is a user-based forum, and Moderators and Ambassadors don't work for FXhome. We are volunteers. If you don't answer the questions asked, how do you expect us to help you?

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    Triem knows his stuff. It would be wise to listen. He can be very helpful about very many things, so it would be smart to encourage him to do so.

    I'd suggest trying an older version of Hitfilm Express as a place to start. Unless you are an expert level user, even the oldest versions may be entirely useful for you. They are for me. In any case, even the oldest versions can be useful in helping you learn the basics of the software.

    If you will give Triem the additional info he requests he can give you a good idea of which version of Hitfilm is the most appropriate for your situation.

    I struggled with Hitfilm in the beginning too. I'm very glad I stuck with it.

  • fxhomer26856
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    I hate to revive a dead thread, but HFE 16 through 2021.3 were crashing upon launching until I disabled my GPUs built overclocking utility.

    For reference:

    i9 9700k

    Asus ROG RTX 3060 OC

    Asus GPU Tweak 3 Utility

    32 GB RAM

    500 GB NVMe and 8 TB HDD

  • Stargazer54
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    @fxhomer26856 Thanks for the info! Hopefully that will help some folks. When we ask for specs I don't think anyone ever thinks about overclocking the GPU.

    Tagging @Ady to add to the troubleshooting list.

  • Nomed73
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    I am having the same problem.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

    Intel Core i5-10300H CPU @2.50GHz

    32GB Ram

    Windows 10 64bit, version 21H1 Build 19043.1415

    Nvidia GeForce Experience Version,

    GeForce Game Ready Driver version 497.29

    Storage 256 GB, 128GB free,

    Thanks for the help