Directionary device instead of audio recorder

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Hey everyone,

I'm planning to create my first short film and I want to get it as cheap as possible without the quality suffering. I thought about switching the Audio recorder with an directionary device and the boom arm with a monopod what do you think? Any tips or tricks? Any must have devices or any tips to save money?


  • Arpit
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    I am not professional in audio things, but talking about must-have devices, if you want to get blur then definitely, you need to have a camera or you need to stay with the small sensor of your smartphone that will not give a nice blur, I prefer a cheap camera you could get possibly in your store or this sony camera that's around 200 bucks, this will give you nice blur because it has a larger sensor. You can connect your mic with your smartphone from a Bluetooth connecter which comes around cheap as 20-30 bucks in my city, don't know about yours if they are cheap or not. And this will cost around ~250$, it's fairly a nice budget if you want to make a short movie, if you want the camera in a different color to prevent it from coming on any shiny surfaces in the short film, then it's not available right now.

    Wish you a good look for your short movie 👍️.