Split audio into multiple tracks?

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Hi all

Is there a way to create multiple tracks from the master audio track?

For example, split the track into different voices, remove the background from the voices...etc.

I record with obs. No matter what I do (and I have adjusted my settings many times) it merges all my audio into one track. My voice, background audio, and any guests in the recordings are merged into one track when I open it in HitFilm.

I can upload an example however I am certain you all know what I mean.

I have even exported the master audio and into Audacity but when I imported the adjusted audio into Hitfilm, it did not retain all of the changes.. Syncing audio and video together did not work very well either.

Thank you


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    HitFilm isn't an audio editor. While it does have a few basic audio effects, its focus is video processing. What you want is something dedicated to audio processing. For basic noise reduction, a decent DAW (digital audio workstation) program should do the trick, but the settings for noise reduction can be tricky to figure out. I believe that Audacity has noise reduction features, but I haven't used it in ages, so I can't offer specific suggestions.

    If you need to take specific sounds from a mix and separate them into their own tracks, there are such tools out there, but they're not free. (Unfortunately the names of these tools are escaping me at the moment, probably because I've never been able to afford them so they don't stay top-of-mind very long.) It's better to record audio elements separately wherever possible and only mix them during editing. One possible idea would be to use a different program like Reaper—a decent DAW that has a free option—to capture your audio, where you can record multiple tracks at once, and then sync the audio later. Yeah, audio sync can be tricky, but it might be worth a test: use OBS for video only, and Reaper for audio only.