White screen crash when opening Hitfilm?

whisperrockgamer Posts: 5 Just Starting Out*

Hi all, I recently switched to a new PC and thus had to reinstall Hitfilm express on it for my new editing.

Everything worked fine up until I connected a second monitor to my first. Ever since, it would always crash when I tried to open Hitfilm. There would just be a white screen (completely white, no top bar) and if I clicked anything, it would just say that it wasn't responding. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no luck.

I read some other community support pages and did find a workaround though, and that was to turn off my second monitor, open Hitfilm, and then turn it back on. It appears to launch fine that way, on a single monitor. But that's a pain to do every time though...

Is there a specific reason it crashes when I have two monitors connected? I was just wondering if it would be possible to not have to turn off my second monitor every time I wanted to use it.

Thanks to anyone in advance!