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Greetings everyone,

I'm searching for music for some projects and I was thinking about getting filmstro but Im not sure if I got the payment system right. Is it like in Hitfilm Pro or Imerge Pro that you have to pay once and after one year you just don't get new updates or do I have to buy it again to keep using the songs? If it's like Hitfilm is there a chance to get the new songs? Do I get upgrade offers? Is the program even updated anymore?


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    My understanding is that the Filmstro bundle sold on the FXhome website is only good for 12 months of access to Filmstro. After that, you are cut off from downloading content, but you’ll still have a license to use whatever music you’ve previously used in a video. The version sold on this site is essentially the same as the version on the official site, including price. (annual pro subscription)