Do I get Upgrade offers?

Qwertzuiopü20 Posts: 38 Just Starting Out*

Im wondering if I get the chance to upgrade my Hitfilm with special offers or do I have to pay the full price again? (Would be interesting to hear for Imerge Pro and Hitfilm Pro)

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  • tddavis
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    @Qwertzuiopü20 AFAIK, you pay full price (minus any sales promotions that happen to be ongoing at time of purchase) the first time you purchase either program, and then have a year of updates and version changes that may happen during that year, and then, as Triforcefx mentioned, you should see the a renewal price when you log in to the store. I don't think it matters that you originally purchased during a sale concerning renewal. Hope this answers your question, but remember, I am just a Moderator and don't work for FxHome so I may have misunderstood the process. I'll tag @KirstieT who is probably best suited to answer the intricate details, but it will probably be about 24 hours since London time and all.