HMS Nautilus

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After I managed to get my alpha issues straightened out, I could finally finish the music video to a track from one of my Steampunk Albums. Made in Blender with most compositing and VFX done in Hitfilm, and final editing in Resolve.

This was more a development exercise for a much more ambitious project I am planning after I finish the third Album - which is way behind now. It's not pixar, but given we got started with Hitfilm and Blender last year, I think it at least tells the story.


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    very nice, very atmospheric, i enjoyed that..

  • Andy001z
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    Dam that is very pretty. Love the look and feel of it. So many questions. Very nice.

  • tddavis
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    @DrIgnatiusCole I'm so depressed now... I recently began a shot very like the Nautilus through the seaweed, but with the Seaview, and failed horribly and I have been learning Blender since 2012. For only a year in, you are light years ahead of me! Would love to see a tutorial from you on some of those shots.

    And glad to see you got that alpha/light thing working for you.

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    Wow. That was beautiful. Both the images and the music.

    Hope the pilot of the pod comes out OK in the next track.

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    Holy crap! Awesome and well done!

  • StevenSpicer
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    This is absolutely stunning! To say this is impressive for a year's worth of learning would be a massive understatement. Love the music too. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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    WOW, really amazing. Everything just fits together so well 👌

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    That was amazing! 🤯

  • DrIgnatiusCole
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    Oh - I wouldn't say I'm light years ahead! There was a very good tutorial from one of my favourite Blender tutorialists (is that a word?):

    What we did is, I got my glamorous assistant to make the seaweed following that tutorial. I used the cloth simulation with the world physics set to a low positive value to simulate buoyancy, but before applying the cloth simulation, I experimented with simple objects such as a sphere warped to a sub shape and a cylinder subdivided as a proxy for the kelp, and experimented with those in order to get the settings right. I had to change the simulation time to a much lower setting but I basically used the default silk setting and tweaked it to get it right.

    Before I applied it to the kelp model we made, I had to make the kelp a single contiguous mesh which required boolean intersections. Fiddly and tricky but necessary. Then I could apply the cloth animation, test it and if it looked alright place the kelp around the path of the sub.

    The rest of the kelp was parented to armatures and carefully animated using rotation bone constraints. Can't pretend it was was a fair bit of work.

    I also took advantage of the the new geometry nodes in Blender in order to create the Kelp forest.

    It was then graded in Hitfilm, some simple FX and volumetric added in and quite bit of work went into the reveal of the Sunken City in HF which was done in 2 completely different Blender projects and composited in HF. If I had my time again I would have experimented with soft body physics for the broken up kelp. This part of the film was the most technically difficult for sure.

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    @DrIgnatiusCole Thanks for the write up. Of course, I would start with the hard shot first. 😁 I used CBailey Films tutorial on making alien kelp but just a Patreon download of the project so I didn't have to set up the forest. Mine fell apart on the interaction between sub and kelp. I should have used the sphere trick you mention. I used it once in a space asteroid scene but forgot all about it and was trying to turn the sub into a collision object; too many verts most likely. If the autistic grands get to go back to in person in a few weeks (I highly am doubting it) I should have some time to get back to fiddling more and revisit that project.

  • DrIgnatiusCole
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    If you message me here, it'll come through on my email and I can maybe send you the file with the kelp and you can take a look at my settings. If the kelp is falling apart, it's because it needs to be a contiguous mesh - it's not not enough simply to use "join". That's why you need to use a boolean intersection (and plenty of hair to pull out).

    And of course, be prepared for a long, long bake.

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    Wow! That's hauntingly beautiful. So many great shots. Hats off to you sir!