Ended up editing using Kdenlive...

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My hardware: Windows 10 64bit / 8 Gb RAM / **NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX1030 / AMD Ryzen 3 1300x Quad Core 3.5Ghz

** NOTE the GTX1030 has 2Gb of GDDR5 RAM - NOT DDR4 as fitted in some GTX1030 cards. Also my GPU was released in 2017.

Hitfilm Express version 2021.1 16.1.11208.7204

Originally I built the above spec PC to edit 1080p video for YouTube. 

So, yesterday I sat down to edit some footage which had been shot on a Mavic Mini drone, at 2.7k 30fps. This footage is then re-rendered via an application call 'Handbrake' to 1080p 30fps with the settings at: 30 fps constant framerate, constant quality of 20 and Codec H.264.

The clips I imported into Hitfilm all playback fine in the Viewer until I edit them....

When I cut a clip using either the razorblade on the timeline or trimmer, there is a problem when you playback this edited clip in the Viewer. The new clip seems to 'stall' for the first few seconds, skipping frames really badly, then returns to normal playback. I have tried all playback settings in the viewer and had no luck. I also tried changing my project settings to 720p 30fps and the same thing happened.

So I tried the same clips & process in Davinci Resolve 14, free version, and the SAME thing happened.

I've never had a problem editing 1080p footage before, So I thought the problem lay with re-rendering footage from 2.7k to 1080p. So I tried different setting in Handbrake, but this made no difference.

Eventually I tried Kdenlive, with 1080p clips (30fps with the settings at: 30 fps constant framerate, constant quality of 20 and Codec H.264.) and there where no problems at all with playback after making an edit, even with clip & project monitoring set to 1:1, the same resolution as the clip.

Has anybody experienced anything similar, or is there something I've missed?

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    Ok, so with most codecs, including AVC/h.264/Mp4 have a whole bunch of different settings that can be tweaked.

    Without knowing exactly what settings you used in both programs (Handbrake and Kdenlive) we can't be sure. There are certain AVC settings in Handbrake affectionately called "NormanAVC" by many members of the forum which were developed and tested by @NormanPCN, one of the most technically knowledgeable people ever to visit this forum.

    For reference you can find those settings about at about 23:30 in this video.

    At a guess you probably used one of the preset profiles in Handbrake that didn't set the specific flags that improve performance (fast decode and no "B-frames.").

    Hitfilm isn't terribly quick at video decode - NormanAVC settings make a huge difference there - while Resolve's custom engine can perform faster than Hitfilm's.

    Resolve has higher minimum requirements than Hitfilm and your system doesn't meet them. Resolve wants a minimum of 16GB of RAM and really wants 4GB of GPU VRAM. It's running on your machine, but it's going to be slow.

    Kdenlive isn't software I'm familiar with, but some poking around online shows it's using most of the same underlying libraries as FFMPEG, Shotcut, and Flowblade. These are pretty good. They're lightweight and work quickly, but won't offer you as much power (when getting into effects) as Hitfilm or Resolve. Depending on what you're doing, you might never be "missing out."

    Anyways, if Kdenlive does what you want it to do and works faster on your system than Hitfilm or Resolve, then Kdenlive is what you should use!

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    Thanks Triem23,

    I will take a look at the video you have suggested, I love hitfilm so I'm keen to get to the bottom of this.

    Many thanks,