Video with Popping Out 3D Character & 3d Animated Object Overlays

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Hi 🖐️

Is it possible to create something similar to the video in my link using HitFilm Express?

It looks like a social media message/ad in which popping out 3D characters & 3D animated objects are layed on top (apologies if this is not the correct terminology). Any ideas would be much appreciated 😃




  • tddavis
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    @spongepudding If you have a clip or image sequence of the 2D animation already done with a transparent bkg (or black background it would be a simple matter of adjusting the blend layer) and put another layer under it in Hitfilm easily. Hitfilm can do some 2D animation of basic shapes and such fairly easily but something complex like figures would be a super big challenge and best left to something like Blender or graphic software, I think.

  • triforcefx
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    Personally, it looks to me like the animations are actually 3D, but it’s kinda hard to tell because of the low resolution.

    In either case, these particular types of animations are not really practical in HitFilm. Since I’m not much of an animator, I couldn’t tell you what the best programs would be to put these together.

    Once you have the actual animation though, HitFilm is great for compositing it on whatever background you like.

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    Thank you @tddavis & @triforcefx for your replies, much appreciated :)
    I've checked and they are 3D animations and not 2D animations as i was lead to believe.
  • Stargazer54
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    @spongepudding You might also check out the @FilmSensei tutorial on bringing in animated models into HF using Mixamo.

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    Stargazer54 - awesome, thank you, much appreciated. I'll look at it on my return in about an hour :)