Adobe Funds Blender Development, Epic Games Acquires Sketchfab

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Plenty of news in the creatives world these days:

Adobe release Blender plugins for Substance Painter and Mixamo.

I don't know if this would be a good idea or not but @spydurhank might think about making Filmer a plugin instead of a stand-alone build. What you think Frank?


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    Hey Greg @GrayMotion,

    Writing Filmer as an Addon... not a bad idea, pretty good actually, but I'm only one dude and I'm already doing the work of an entire "Software development company, an entire Animation VFX and 3d design studio, an entire 3D asset and content creative team", creating the actual VFX techniques that other artists use... oh and I'm a regular ole Artist and Musician, on top of all that... I'm a pretty nice guy too but I don't have a ton of extra time, I'll explain below. 😀

    But it is doable although a lot of my code is in C++ for max speed like my new modifiers and Cycles Render engine, Mesh editing tools, and 3D scene and mesh exporters... C++ is pretty fast compared to python.

    I was writing addons back in the beginning because I only had the one Hitfilm Comp exporter and a few other little knickknacks. If you remember way back when, I was giving away my Hitfilm Comp exporter right up till Blender 2.8.0 was released. I decided to write Filmer because everything I do is by my own hand so my experience taught me that it's simpler to do things correctly the first time and not cut corners so that they work correctly every time. All of my code is simply automating all of the manual work that it takes to do things correctly. Things gotta be "just right" and the only way for that to happen is for me to do things myself. 😀

    Thing is and it's the most time consuming part... it takes a lot of extra time and coding to get addons to work in Blender, where building tools directly into the Filmer ui is faster and sometimes easier for me. Sure, some stuff I write as a python addon for a while but then I eventually write the tool in C++ directly into the ui. For example... it would take a lot more python code in an addon to perform the same C++ functions as my mesh edge and curve edge bridge modifier. Same thing for my new C++ Boolean ops and Bevel modifiers... it would take a much larger multi file python addon.

    Again, it's doable but personally, I build Filmer for my sole use and it's just easier and faster for me at the current time to code everything into a single bundle for $36.00... but, if there was enough of a call for it... you never know. 😀

    A company with more than one person could do it a lot easier as an addon. 😀