[Offtopic] Any Genesis fans? + Manchester trip tips

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I'm traveling to Manchester (UK) in September to enjoy a Genesis concert. I'm a big fan of Genesis since I was a kid. I was fortunate enough to see Steve Hackett (former guitarist) in London (2012), and lately I could saw Phil Collins on his comeback tour in Paris (2017). Thanks to my wife I even had a signed letter by Collins! 

Now Genesis are touring again since 2007 soooo I booked tickets for one of the Manchester dates and I'm super excited about it! It was more expensive than I thought it'd be, but it's a one time ocasion. They're also doing a US leg at the end of the year. 

Anyone else loves Genesis? I know it's a pretty old band (mostly known in the 70s and 80s with their progressive rock pieces) .

Also, any tips for my Manchester visit? Anything I should visit?


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    US resident, so no advice on Manchester, but, yeah, I enjoy Genesis. If they play "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," hopefully it'll have the extended center section instrumental that's always cut from radio broadcast and streaming media.

    IMHO the 1992 "The Way We Walk" double-CD (The "We Can't Dance" tour) is the best mixed and engineered live album I've ever heard. Damn, the version of "Mama" from that album is just...


    Side note: The night I met the woman who is now my wife I somehow talked her into joining me at a local karaoke bar. She happened to walk in as my first song started. Not Genesis, but Phil's "In the Air Tonight." As she tells the story, "Aw...." (sad voice), "He likes Phil Collins..." (happy voice), "But he's NAILING it!"

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    I’m going to the second Liverpool concert in October.

    I was in the audience near the stage at Knebworth in August 1992.

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    Hey @Triem23 ! I'm glad you also like Genesis!

    Loved your then-girlfriend-now-wife story!! It's hilarious!! Phil Collins is a safe bet :D

    Although it'd be great, I highly doubt they'll playing the long version of Tonight, tonight, tonight, as they've been shortening those "old" tracks for ages (not that old as Tonight was released in Invisible Touch (1986)).

    My fave track is Firth Of Fifth by a large margin, which I suppose they'll play as the 3-min instrumental version they played on both 1992 We Can't Dance and 2007 TIOA tours. I'm super fine with that. Love that rocky style compared with the more classy original. I also enjoy Home by the Sea, Domino and Ripples, just to name a few.

    Yeah! I agree with you on the sound mixing. Their live albums weren't remastered on 2007/2008 unlike their studio albums. I have mixed feelings about those new remixes. Some albums sounds way better on the 2007 remastered version, like Selling England, The Lamb, Duke or We Can't Dance, but some others don't -like Nursery Cryme IMHO-.

    I was fortunate enough to buy the official 2007 Encore Series almost entirely and man, I enjoy it SO much. In case you don't know, the Encore Series contains every single concert from the 2007 tour recorded from the soundboard and NOT mixed, which means you get slightly different solos every time, with every mistake they made while playing. It's so fun to listen. It's about 44 Double-CD, one double-CD for each of the 44 concerts they performed.

    Fun fact: I needed to bash-script the ripping process to upload the whole Encore Series to my Plex, as it was a pain doing it manually.

    If I'm able to take a pic or two at the concert, I'll share it!

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    @Dewr Wooah! that's great! I won't spoil the track list, then :)