Change Speed but Not Pitch?

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When you change video speed, the pitch goes up.

You can use a pitch shift to bring it back down, but I can't get it to sound normal again.

There's a forum thread on here where people say you gotta do this equation

Semitone shift = 12 * log(1 / X) / log(2)

But I'm an idiot and I don't get it.

If I want to speed up a video speed by 25% (125% speed in hitfilm)

What should the pitch change be?


  • DafterThings
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    I don't know the answer to this but my head says "How does the same audio fit a video if it's 25% quicker?"

    What I would consider is muting the video, changed the speed and then load another copy with just the audio.

    Apologies if I have misunderstood anything.

    <edit> The speed effect changes the speed of the video without altering pitch. That might be an option?

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