Differences between Hitfilm Express, Pro and Ignite

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Hello guys, im a little bit confuse about the products, if anyone can help me i'll apreciate. What difference betwen express and pro version.

Another doubt, if a buy pro version without ignite pro plugin i'll get less FX effects or no?


  • iamkhanproductions
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    it depends what you'll use it for.. if your on a budget express addons is the way ..

  • tddavis
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    @pentstudios As I understand it, Ignite does not give you any different effects than ones already in Pro. It is only to let you use your effects in a compatible software like AE, Resolve and a few others. If you dont use those programs at all, then Ignite won't help you. Pro comes with all the add-on effects in Express plus has a few features (I can't readily recall) that you cannot purchase for Express as well. It used to be 3D model import was Pro only but now there is an add-on for that. Also, Pro can be activated on up to 3 of your machines at the same time, but Express only one. You can install Express on several but only one can be activated at a time and rendered from without watermarks. Hope this helps you out.

  • Andy001z
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  • Triem23
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    @tddavis and @Andy001z pretty much have to covered, but, to re-summarize.

    Pro has every feature in Express, including every feature in every Express add-on. Additionally, Pro has another 60 or so exclusive effects and features. I beta test Hitfilm and can say the next version will add another few Pro exclusive effects and features. Perhaps most notable is Express cannot use third party plug ins (except those available as add-ons in the Express store), while Hitfilm Pro can use third party OFX plug ins from Boris/Imagineer (including the full Mocha Pro), Red Giant, NewBlue, Re: Vision and a limited selection of After Effects plug ins from Red Giant and Video Copilot.

    Express can be activated (export without watermark) on one machine, Pro on three.

    Ignite has nothing to do with Hitfilm, but is FXhome's plug in suite for Resolve, Avid, Premiere, Ae, Vegas Pro, FCPX and a few other editors.

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