Is Imerge a Photoshop alternative?

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Hello everyone,

I know a lot of users are fxhome fans but I want a honest answer!

I used hitfilm express and pro already and even if some features are missing it's a good alternative if you get it on sale! But I'm struggling I downloaded the test version of imerge and I'm missing some features (maybe I just didn't find them, haven't used the program that much because it's not worth wasting your time with a program that you won't use) but I searched for the warp effect (where you can squeeze your image in I certain shape) I've heard about a quad warp effect is it the same effect? Or an effect where you can shadow and highlight stuff an eraser tool a drawing tool or a copy tool. I would use Imerge if it has these features because I really like the workspace and the masking!

I'm hoping for a honest answer😉


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    Hi @Qwertzuiopü20 I moved your post to community support as I felt that better represented the topic.

    For warping, Quad Warp allows you to change the perspective of an image which I believe is what you want. You might also be interested in Keystone Correction which can "unwarp" an image to make it square.

    For shadow and highlight modification, there are a varity of effects but the Exposure effect will probably be the easiest to use for raising and lowering tones.

    For erasing and drawing you will probably want Brush Masks. Left click to draw and right click to erase. Unless you meant erasing as in removing imperfections from an image, in which case you will want either the Healing Brush or Clone Stamp effects, or both.

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    Hi there and thanks for reaching out to us about Imerge.

    All the features you have mentioned are included inside of Imerge, if you add a new adjustment layer you can then click on the + icon to the right of where it says effects to then add each effect such as Quad Warp that you have heard about.

    You can also use the Exposure effect coupled with a brush mask to apply a dodge and burn style if that is what you meant by ''Or an effect where you can shadow and highlight stuff''

    There is also a clone and heal brush within Imerge, we also have lots of exciting new features being worked on and soon to be added to the program

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    I don't think Imerge/VEGAS Image is a photoshop alternative. I would say Lightroom alternative.

    For "Photoshop" side in the software, Its a big bummer that the text need to be edited on a cramp text window, which act like a video editing software.

    You cant Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V a foreign image on the fly into the software directly like Ps as it only read the picture from the source file like Lightroom or Video editing software. If they somehow able to make the picture pasted directly into Imerge/VEGAS image without saving it first in ur computer folders that would make it slightly on par with Ps.

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    Hi @datoaliffalex can you explain what you'd like to see with improvements to text editing? The text can currently be edited either in the content section or on the canvas by double clicking.

    I also just did a quick test and in Imerge 2021.2 I can drag images in from the browser or right click and copy and paste into Imerge.

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    I must say I'm spoiled with Photoshop system. I would prefer to press T on my keyboard to activate the Text tool and just click anywhere on the canvas to create a new text layer. When I click on the canvas it will straight away create a text base on the cursor position.

    I dislike the concept of must click the text icon to add text layer. Even the shortcut Ctrl+T is not so handy.

    I just discovered that I can double click on the canvas to re-edit the text. That's great!

    But resizing the font size is hella pain. Idk why the tracking space of the text, box sizing, stroke size etc can be adjust on fly by just click,hold and drag ur mouse up or down to change the value but not the font size????? I need to physical click and select my font size or fill in a custom value. Very cumbersome.

    For the box sizing which has Auto/Fixed thingy, I personally feel its a pointless box. It will be super quick if that box linked with text/font sizing so when I make the box bigger or smaller the text size will change too, just like Ps. Much more logical.

    What i mean for copy and paste is I can copy any image on Google (Right click on a photo I found online, can be Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, anywhere and just click copy!) and directly paste to Photoshop.

    In VEGAS Pro, there is an option to Copy a snapshot in the timeline (not save as Jpeg or Png, but Copy!) and I can paste directly into Photoshop or on my whatsapp/telegram chat, discord etc.

    I cant' do that in VEGAS Image/Imerge. I need to save the photo first, export or download somewhere in computer, than only import into the software. I don't mind a destructive edit at certain point cuz all I want is a quick editing process.

    Imerge/VEGAS Image can easily be Photoshop alternative if you guys follow 2/3 of how PS handle images and their basic workflow. The software itself is powerful, just that the whole editing experience is very slow.

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    @datoaliffalex thanks so much for your feedback! It's very helpful for us! We will take it into consideration for the future