[ENHANCEMENT] having the transitions work like the effects & the compositor accepts the transitions.

mabdelbary Posts: 162 Enthusiast
edited July 2021 in HitFilm

I suggest to increase the transition library by copying some effects to this library, so it will be easier to do the transition between 2 clips in the editor timeline which can give way more transitions than the ones provided.

This strategy gives another option instead of doing these transitions as effects in the composite shots and cut the clips to transfer between them.

Also, if we can do the transitions between 2 clips in the compositor, it will be another handy option to give simple moves such as slide, rotate, or any other type of transitions as another option than doing these movements manually, so basically it is in a way adding more features to the editor and compositor and the user can work according to their preferences.

Another option could be also useful, when we select different clips in the editor timeline, we can't select the clips with transitions, however, if we wanted to take everything within these selected clips with their transitions, that will facilitate the process in switching between the compositor and the editor.