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Hi everyone,

SO i have those stream videos that are about more than 5 gb in size each one and i only need couple of clips from it. If i import it to my hitfilm it takes a lot of space and sometimes crashes is there a program or a way to just take those couple of clips from that large video and import it into hitfilm then?


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    @arcfilm If I recall correctly, VirtualDub allows you to isolate a section of video from a larger file and export just that, and to the best I recall it is a free program...or was...been a while since I played with it. Hope this helps a little.

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    @tddavis alright will check it out thaaanks

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    Tddavis is correct with VirtualDub. Handbrake is another option.

    In general, any NLE will be happier with somewhat smaller clips. It's easier for any editor to deal with (say) eight fifteen-minute clips than a single two-hour clip, so, even if you wanted most of your source footage, not just a few sections, there's value in using software like Handbrake or VirtualDub to split long files before import to Hitfilm.

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    DaVinci resolve has a free version, you could cut the clips and render them. Hitfilms NLE side while competent still has a ways to go when it comes to speed, audio editing, media management etcetera. It's fine for anyone who doesn't need to do to much editing but I cant imagine editing a bigger project on it. I know having both is what hitfilm uses to stick out a little bit more but I feel like FXhome is stretched too thin between their softwares and commitments to Magix to really focus on making a robust NLE side. I'd just focus on the compositing side and its ease of use when compared to AA.