THE END : Please heed the warning.

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This originated from an exercise in 'Writing short stories' book.

When the contest them was Isolation I thought "How alon can a person be?"

Please take notice of the warning. It is VERY bleak.


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    Yeah, that's pretty bleak. Not quite as disturbing as your Batman short, but, sheesh, Tony, you can wring some real emotion from those toys. Great lighting on your primary set.

    I feel bad about the nitpick, but your transition from a night-over-Britain to day-over-Britain during the ground-to-orbit doesn't quite work. It was a minor distraction (as in my brain had started going "niiiiice," and jumped to "oops") just before the payoff shot that gives the context.

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    I know exactly what you mean. My only excuse is a) I didn't know how it worked in real life (I sorta knew it'd be in semi-darkness too but... b) I just loved the full colour image 😀

    I was worried some of it would be too subtle and I did notice some shots 'changed' after uploading to YT. The reflection in the TV and the view through the window both got less visible. I viewed them on the same monitor so I wonder if YT does something to the file?

    When I watch on mobile devices you can hardly see them but that's probably too be expected.

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    YT does re-encode your video after upload when prepping for streaming, so you do, ultimately, lose control of your final image. Nothing you can do about it, sadly.

    There's an example I've use here - taken from the Rogue One trailer captured from YouTube at 1080p.

    Top left and right - Kemmler's shuttle. Top right YouTube compression causes the tail of the shuttle to completely vanish.

    Bottom - well, look at the pixelation and banding. It looks terrible.

    Point being, if ILM can't get a YouTube stream that actually looks good, no one can. It is what it is.

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    Ahhh OK. Glad it's not me.

    I spent ages (OK 20ish mins) adjusting the opacity to make it both easy to see but not in your face. Oh well.

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    @DafterThings You are a master of your craft sir. As Mike said the lighting and tone on the primary set plus the dialog plus the shot composition plus the writing - all suck the viewer right into the situation. Very well done!

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    Thank you both. Much appreciated.

    I definitely feel better with improvements around lighting and writing. I feel like I am getting there (slowly) but I also need to get a better overall finish. I have some good stories written just need the ability to film them properly.

    So much I want to do 😀